By K. Renwik.

Although these are probably not on your top-10 list of most common stressors generic provera 10 mg amex menstrual cycle 8 days apart, the stress that you experience in your [11] everyday life can also be taxing proven 10mg provera breast cancer jobs. Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe (1967) developed a measure of some everyday life events that might lead to stress buy generic provera 10mg on line women's health center at centrastate, and you can assess your own likely stress level by completing the measure in Table 10. You might want to pay particular attention to this score, because it can predict the likelihood that [12] you will get sick. Rahe and colleagues (1970) asked 2,500 members of the military to complete the rating scale and then assessed the health records of the soldiers over the following 6 months. The results were clear: The higher the scale score, the more likely the soldier was to end up in the hospital. Our everyday interactions with the environment that are essentially negative, known asdaily hassles, can also create stress as well as poorer health [13] outcomes (Hutchinson & Williams, 2007). Events that may seem rather trivial altogether, such as misplacing our keys, having to reboot our computer because it has frozen, being late for an assignment, or getting cut off by another car in rush-hour traffic, can produce stress [14] [15] (Fiksenbaum, Greenglass, & Eaton, 2006). Glaser (1985) found that medical students who were tested during, rather than several weeks before, their school examination periods showed lower immune system functioning. Other research has found that even more minor stressors, Attributed to Charles Stangor Saylor. Responses to Stress Not all people experience and respond to stress in the same way, and these differences can be [17] important. Rosenman (1974) were among the first to study the link between stress and heart disease. In their research they noticed that even though the partners in married couples often had similar lifestyles, diet, and exercise patterns, the husbands nevertheless generally had more heart disease than did the wives. As they tried to explain the difference, they focused on the personality characteristics of the partners, finding that the husbands were more likely than the wives to respond to stressors with negative emotions and hostility. Recent research has shown that the strongest predictor of a physiological stress response from daily hassles is the amount of negative emotion that they evoke. People who experience strong negative emotions as a result of everyday hassles, and who respond to stress with hostility experience more negative health outcomes than do those who react in a less negative way [18] (McIntyre, Korn, & Matsuo, 2008; Suls & Bunde, 2005). Williams and his colleagues [19] (2001) found that people who scored high on measures of anger were three times more likely to suffer from heart attacks in comparison to those who scored lower on anger. On average, men are more likely than are women to respond to stress by activating the fight-or- flight response, which is an emotional and behavioral reaction to stress that increases the readiness for action. The arousal that men experience when they are stressed leads them to either go on the attack, in an aggressive or revenging way, or else retreat as quickly as they can to safety from the stressor. The fight-or-flight response allows men to control the source of the stress if they think they can do so, or if that is not possible, it allows them to save face by leaving the situation. Rather, they [20] are more likely to take a tend-and-befriend response (Taylor et al. The tend-and- befriend response is a behavioral reaction to stress that involves activities designed to create social networks that provide protection from threats. This approach is also self-protective because it allows the individual to talk to others about her concerns, as well as to exchange resources, such as child care. The tend-and-befriend response is triggered in women by the release of the hormone ocytocin, which promotes affiliation. This may help explain why women, on average, have less heart disease and live longer than men. Managing Stress No matter how healthy and happy we are in our everyday lives, there are going to be times when we experience stress. But we do not need to throw up our hands in despair when things go wrong; rather, we can use our personal and social resources to help us. Perhaps the most common approach to dealing with negative affect is to attempt to suppress, avoid, or deny it. You probably know people who seem to be stressed, depressed, or anxious, but they cannot or will not see it in themselves. Perhaps you tried to talk to them about it, to get them to open up to you, but were rebuffed. They seem to act as if there is no problem at all, simply moving on with life without admitting or even trying to deal with the negative feelings. Have you ever had an important test to study for or an important job interview coming up, and rather than planning and preparing for it, you simply tried put it out of your mind entirely? Research has found that ignoring stress is not a good approach for coping with it. If we experience so much stress that we get sick, these events will be detrimental to our life even if we do not or cannot admit that they are Attributed to Charles Stangor Saylor. Suppressing our negative emotions is also not a very good option, at least in the long [21] run, because it tends to fail (Gross & Levenson, 1997). For one, if we know that we have that big exam coming up, we have to focus on the exam itself to suppress it. We can‘t really suppress or deny our thoughts, because we actually have to recall and face the event to make the attempt to not think about it. Suppressing our emotions might work out for a short while, but when we run out of energy the negative emotions may shoot back up into consciousness, causing us to reexperience the negative feelings that we had been trying to avoid. He asked them to not think about a white bear for 5 minutes but to ring a bell in case they did.

Septic monoarthritis is a complication of gonorrhoea; other metastatic infectious complications are skin lesions and generic provera 5 mg otc women's health clinic lismore, rarely provera 2.5 mg cheap womens health diet, perihepatitis discount 2.5 mg provera with mastercard women's health clinic abu dhabi, bacterial endocarditis and meningitis. The pain was intermittent, worse at night, and relieved by ibuprofen, which she bought herself. She worked part-time stacking the shelves in a supermarket and was a very active and compet- itive tennis and badminton player. She indicated that the pain was over the vertebrae of T5/6, but there was no tenderness, swelling or deformity. The full blood count, urea creati- nine and electrolytes, calcium, alkaline phosphatase and phosphate were all normal, as was urine testing. She was advised that the pain was musculoskeletal due to exertion at work and sport, and she was prescribed diclofenac for the pain. After a few weeks of improvement, the pain began to get worse, being more severe and occurring for longer periods and seriously disturbing her sleep. If there is nothing to suggest osteoporosis or trauma then the commonest cause of this is a tumour metastasis. The tumours that most frequently metastasize to bone are carcinoma of the lung, prostate, thyroid, kidney, and breast. Examination of the patient’s breasts, not done before the X-ray result, revealed a firm mass 1–1. Urgent biopsy confirmed a carcinoma and she was referred to an oncologist for further management. Review of the first X-ray after the lesion was seen on the second film still failed to iden- tify a lesion, emphasizing the need to repeat an investigation if there is sufficient clinical suspicion of an abnormality, even if an earlier investigation is normal. Examination of the breasts in women should be part of the routine examination, particu- larly after the age of 40 years, when carcinoma of the breast becomes common. Fifteen years earlier the patient had had a cadaveric renal transplant for renal failure due to chronic glomerulonephritis caused by immunoglobulin A (IgA) nephropathy. Originally this was with prednisolone and azathioprine, but later it was converted to ciclosporin. His only other medication is propranalol for hyper- tension which he has taken for 20 years. Examination The lesion is as described on the right forearm and there are several solar hyperkeratoses on his cheeks, forehead and scalp (he is bald). No other abnormalities are found apart from the transplant kidney in the right iliac fossa. The risk factors are his age, the many years exposure to sunlight as farmer, and the chronic immunosuppression. There is an increased risk of several different types of malignancy in patients on chronic immunosuppression, and skin cancer is now well recognized as a fre- quent complication of chronic immunosuppression unless preventative measures are used. With improving survival rates for transplant patients in general, there is a potential increase in the incidence and prevalence of skin malignancy. Patients on long-term immunosuppres- sion for whatever reason should be strongly advised to avoid direct exposure to sunlight as much as possible, and certainly not to sunbathe, and to use high-factor barrier creams. They should cover their skin in the lighter months (April to September inclusive in the northern hemisphere) – no shorts, sleeveless tops or shirts, and a hat to protect the scalp and forehead. This is particularly irksome but even more important for children and young adults who have a potentially longer period of exposure to sunlight ahead of them. The damage caused to skin by sunlight is cumulative and irreversible, and when transplanted at the age of 50 years this patient had already had over 30 years’ occupational exposure to ultraviolet radi- ation. His immunosuppression needs to continue and should be kept at as low a dose as is compatible with preventing rejection of his transplant. The diagnosis of the lesion was made by biopsy, which showed a squamous cell cancer. An essential part of the follow-up is regular review, at least 6-monthly, of the skin to detect any recurrence, any new lesions or malig- nant transformation of the solar hyperkeratoses. Her appetite is normal, she has no nausea or vomiting and she has not lost weight. Physical examination at this time was completely normal, with a blood pres- sure of 128/72 mmHg. Investigations showed normal full blood count, urea, creatinine and electrolytes, and liver function tests. An H2 antagonist was prescribed and follow-up advised if her symptoms did not resolve. There was slight relief at first, but after 1 month the pain became more frequent and severe, and the patient noticed that it was relieved by sitting forward. Despite the progressive symptoms she and her husband went on a 2-week holiday to Scandinavia which had been booked long before. During the second week her husband remarked that her eyes had become slightly yellow, and a few days later she noticed that her urine had become dark and her stools pale. Examination She was found to have yellow sclerae with a slight yellow tinge to the skin. The pain has two typical features of carcinoma of the pancreas: relief by sitting forward and radiation to the back. As with obstruction of any part of the body the objective is to define the site of obstruc- tion and its cause. The initial investigation was an abdominal ultrasound which showed a dilated intrahepatic biliary tree, common bile duct and gallbladder but no gallstones. The pancreas appeared normal, but it is not always sensitive to this examination owing to its depth within the body.

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In a homeopathic remedy buy provera 5mg fast delivery menopause gout, one part salt colic buy provera 2.5 mg on-line womens health 5 minute breakfast, irritable bowels buy provera 10mg with amex breast cancer quilt pattern, bloating, gynecological prob- must be ground with nine parts lactose, or milk lems, muscle spasms and cramps, teething pain, sugar, to make Natrum mur 1x (x equals 10). A cell-salt remedy made from calcium fluoride, which is found in fibers throughout the cell therapy The injection of healthy animal cells body, is used to treat hemorrhoids, varicose veins, or extracts of cells, usually from fetal sheep or pigs, chakras 25 into the human bloodstream in an attempt to fight body structure that corresponds with the patient’s various diseases, impotence, and aging; promote needs. A still-controversial treat- ment developed during the 1930s by the Swiss centesimal scale, homeopathic The method of physician Paul Niehans, who specialized in gland measurement, designated by a c for centesimal, used and organ transplantation, the original cell therapy in homeopathy to determine the strength of home- has been banned in the United States since 1985 opathic remedies. For example, after a mother tinc- because of its potential for allergic reactions, infec- ture (which roughly refers to a “batch” or “stock”) tions, and ineffectiveness. However, cell therapy is is made, one drop of it is added to 99 drops of water practiced in Germany, France, Mexico, the or alcohol. Studies are under way which is further diluted by another 99 drops of in the United States, Germany, and England to water or alcohol to create 2c potency. Usually, the determine the effectiveness of human-to-human highest dose of a homeopathic remedy equals 200c. Chakra is the Sanskrit word ing for conditions that involve cells that do not for “wheel. The broad- tioning but mental consciousness that promotes est definition of cell therapy includes the use of awareness, personal evolution, and healing. The various methods genital or sexual chakra, consists of the gonads, the include the use of live cells, freeze-dried cells, cells urogenital structures, prostate, pelvis, and quadri- from specific organs, homeopathic formulations, ceps, and represents gender, issues of commitment, and embryonic preparations. The solar have been used successfully, with different meth- plexus, or third chakra, incorporates the abdomen, ods targeting different conditions. There are four main cell types used the solar plexus represents overall physical vitality in combination for revitalization as well as treat- and mastery. Its nective tissue, plus cells from a particular organ or main representations are nurturing, love for others, 26 channels compassion, connection, and the core or center of necessary 20 to 50 times, to as many as 100 infu- one’s being. The sixth tain supplements such as vitamins and minerals, as chakra, consisting of the eyes, pineal gland, and well as gingko biloba and phosphatidylserine, both sinuses, governs intellect, perception, and intuitive of which act as chelators one may take orally as qualities and is often referred to as the “third eye. Each chakra is also Drug Administration only for lead and other heavy associated with an element such as air, water, ether, metal poisoning and the treatment of hypercal- fire, or earth and with certain colors. Chelation therapy remains controversial as Reiki, and other disciplines, manipulating the ener- an alternative treatment of other disorders, gies of the chakras plays an important role in the although some physicians prescribe it for individu- healing process. Furthermore, some say the chelation of iron reflexologists, and other alternative health care increases the body’s production of free radicals, providers. Somewhat less metals such as lead, iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, effective than intravenous administration, oral and manganese. The blood circulation and therefore counteract gan- enzyme cysteine, for example, may be prescribed grene, leg cramps, and other vascular disorders; for nickel poisoning and presence of excessive free treat Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, muscu- radicals. As a to lead from vehicle exhaust, to which exposure treatment for occluded arteries, chelation may be was attributed high rates of cancer mortality and chiropractic 27 symptoms including headaches, drug and alcohol imen of theophylline and other bronchodilators; abuse, digestive problems, depression, fatigue, and rather than extend the intake to steroids when the anxiety. A Chinese herbalism A segment of ancient Chinese person with an ulcer who takes traditional antacids medicine that focuses on plants and natural sub- may be further relieved by Chinese herbs that fight stances as sources of relief for medical and psycho- heat and dampness in the stomach, help the liver logical problems. In gen- the active ingredients, and because various herbs eral, Chinese herbalism recognizes remedies for ill- and other substances may be blended, side effects ness but interprets illness as an imbalance of body are minimized or eliminated and results are often constituents that may show up as patterns consist- enhanced. An mineral, and animal substances—are also meant to important aspect of Chinese herbalism is correct treat the root of one’s condition rather than just diagnosis of a patient’s problem; customized herbal target symptoms or potentially create additional treatment of the problem can conquer an entire problems by using one specific drug. Common Chinese herbs mythic sage Shen Nung experimented with and are astragulus, lotus seed, nutmeg, walnut, ginger, codified medicinal herbs 300 years ago, herbalism cinnamon, radish seed, angelica root, schizandra, has become a highly sophisticated, intricate, and poria cocos, licorice, peony, chrysanthemum, ligus- systematized practice that involves more than 6000 ticum, honeysuckle, mulberry, raspberry, mustard substances prescribed by practitioners. Each sub- seed, dianthus, plantain, motherwort, turmeric, stance has certain qualities and properties that myrrh resin, hawthorn, red and black dates, address the body constituents (qi [ch’i], moisture, ephedra root, artemisia leaf, agrimony, magnolia, and blood), organ networks, and what are known corn silk, corydalis root, peach seed, salvia root, as “adverse climates”: wind, heat, cold, dryness, fennel seed, coptis root, dandelion, sargassum, mil- and dampness. Herbs are categorized according to lettia stem, cordyceps, peppermint leaf, sileris root, their nature (warm, cool, or neutral), taste (sour, gardenia, clove, cardamom seed, and unicaria bitter, sweet, salty, spicy, or bland), configuration stem. Chinese herbal substances also have Chinese (shape, texture, moisture), color, and properties, and botanical names. For example, since ginseng is a “broad-spec- alternative discipline, dating back to ancient Egypt trum” tonic for any deficiency of qi, codonopsis and other early civilizations, which is based on augments the qi very specifically in the spleen and hands-on manipulations, or “adjustments,” of the lungs to treat ailments such as anemia, dehydra- spinal cord. Another herb, scutellaria, which theory expressed in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer, of purges heat from the lungs and liver, is used for the Davenport, Iowa, who advocated the teachings of treatment of jaundice and infections. Hippocrates and believed that all illnesses had their Chinese herbalism, which now has entered sources in the spine and the nervous system. Indi- hand,” when vertebrae are subluxated, or dislocated viduals with asthma, for example, may be on a reg- or misaligned, the person experiences any number 28 chiropractic of ailments, including allergy, headaches, skin con- Duncan’s system or joints and recommended 300 ditions, back pain, sciatica, vision and hearing prob- milligrams of aspirin four times daily for sympto- lems, muscle spasms, asthma and other respiratory matic relief. But the pain progressed until the child disorders, peripheral joint injuries, osteoarthritis, cried, was unable to dress himself, and was stooped herniated disk, and various other musculoskeletal over as if he was an elderly man. The boy’s desperate parents finally took him disorders, scoliosis, depression, addiction, and other to a chiropractor. Three hours later, however, Duncan was Chiropractors also work with the concept of the walking “without my knees flapping together,” he body’s innate intelligence and ability to heal. Palmer suggested that innate intelligence flowed After each adjustment, Duncan made considerable throughout the nervous system—which corre- progress until he was totally back to normal. He sponds and communicates with every other part of described as a “numb” feeling the absence of the the body—and could be blocked by a subluxation. When the subluxation is relieved, the body has the Since chiropractors are trained to advise patients opportunity to heal itself. This form of chiropractic, when to seek conventional medical care and now referred to as “straight,” adheres to Palmer’s because there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence original idea of performing only spinal manipula- of success of chiropractic as an alternative or com- tion. A commonsense and holistic Apparently the man had a subluxated vertebra that approach with an emphasis on prevention and corresponded to an injury he had suffered to his wellness, chiropractic is considered the second- upper spine just before he lost his hearing. Patients may be lying supine or prone or sit- who were convinced of Palmer’s philosophy, and ting up, depending upon which type of adjustment case after case seemed to support chiropractic’s suc- is appropriate.

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Knowledge and understanding about natural therapies is imperative before you can integrate it into your life purchase provera 10mg otc women's health center san diego. In some cases striking the balance between the two modalities is easier said than done purchase provera 2.5mg with mastercard menstrual cycle day 6. Difficulties arise because many mainstream health practitioners remain cautious or even skeptical about the benefits of natural remedies cheap provera 2.5mg free shipping women's health jokes. By providing com- prehensive, science-based information on natural medicine, I hope to provide you with a sound resource that can be taken to your health care provider when discussing a health concern. As such, the information provided in this book reflects the most recent data from scientific studies, in many cases published in respected medical journals. I refer to research throughout the book, and only recommend supplements and therapies that have been studied and found to be beneficial. I also note drug in- teractions, contraindications, and side effects where relevant. Bryce Wylde, a colleague and well-known ho- meopathic doctor who discusses the principles of homeopathy and the top 25 conditions that can be helped with homeopathic medicine. Conventional medical approaches are discussed and then I offer a natural prescription, which in- cludes dietary strategies, lifestyle recommendations, and supplements. If you are coping with a health condition listed in this book, it is not my intention that you follow every recommendation I make. Instead, implement as many of the lifestyle and dietary strategies as possible and discuss my supplement recommendations with your health care provider. Under my “Top Recommended Supplements” section I list those that are supported by scientific research to offer benefits for the particular con- dition. Next, I list “Complementary Supplements”—those that offer some benefits or play a supportive role; these would be secondary considerations. Since many supplements have similar effects on the body, and there are potential interactions between drugs and supplements, it is recommended that you consult with your health care provider before taking a new product. Unlike many drugs, 4 | Introduction supplements may take weeks to months before the full effect is achieved, so patience is required. In addition to your primary care provider, you may want to look for addition- al health care providers that offer different perspectives, such as a naturopathic or homeopathic doctor, registered dietitian, massage therapist, acupuncturist, or chi- ropractor. When looking for alternative health care providers, make sure they are properly trained and always check references. You may also want to find a pharmacist in your area who, like myself, has a broad range of knowledge in natural medicine. Pharmacists are always available, without an appointment, to answer questions and discuss your concerns, especially about medications. Section Four contains the appendices—the supplementry charts, tables, and re- sources that are referred to throughout this book. That discovery set a course for my future that has taken me around the world from phar- macies and medical clinics, to lecture halls and conferences, through the writing of several health books, and finally to the publication of this reference guide. This latest book reflects many years of work and hundreds of hours of research, as well as my sincere desire to help Canadians achieve better health. Learn about the power of nutrition, exercise, supplements, stress management, and other lifestyle factors in the prevention of disease and take the necessary steps today. If you are currently struggling with a health problem, realize that there are options, and that a plan that incorporates a variety of healing modalities will most likely provide you with the best possible outcome. I hope I’ve provided you with a useful resource to achieve optimum health for you and your family. I wish you all the best as you create your own prescription for successful and healthy living! They are called “macro” because we need these nutrients in large quantities compared to the micro- nutrients (vitamins and minerals), which are needed in smaller quantities. In this section I will explain the various macronutrients, recommended intakes, and the best food sources. Macronutrients provide us with calories as follows: Carbohydrate: 4 calories per gram Protein: 4 calories per gram Fat: 9 calories per gram For example: If a food product contains 10 g of carbohydrate, 2 g of protein, and 1 g of fat per serv- ing, it would provide 10 × 4 = 40 calories from carbohydrate, 2 × 4 = 8 calories from protein, and 1 × 9 = 9 calories from fat for a total calorie count of 57 calories per serving. Food Sources Protein is found in animal products, nuts, legumes, and, to a lesser extent, in fruits and vegetables. When we eat protein the body breaks it down into amino acids, some of which are called essential because they must be provided by the food we eat. Choose free- range and organic wherever possible to reduce ingesting harmful hormones and chemicals. Plant proteins do not contain all the essential amino acids and are considered incomplete proteins. It is possible, though, to combine various plant proteins to get all the essential amino acids. For example, eating oats, lentils, and sunflower seeds either together or separately throughout the day provides all the essential amino acids. You could also combine whole-wheat pasta with white kidney beans or tofu with brown rice to get all the necessary amino acids. There are certain advantages of eating plant over animal proteins—they pro- vide fibre and phytochemicals (antioxidants), do not contain saturated fat, and may play a role in disease prevention. Soy protein, for example, has been shown to significantly lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and protect against bone loss. A number of studies have found lower risk of chronic disease in those who eat a plant-based diet.

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